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We are excited to launch a new program within the restaurant, and that's a coffee program. Our customers have always referred to our original dining room as a coffee shop, and we are now making it official, it is now an actual Coffee Shop. We will serve pastries from local bakeries, as well in house made pastries, delicious coffee made with expertise by trained baristas, sandwiches for those looking for a easy bite, as well as a nice ambience with Free Wi-Fi for those who needs a new work space to get things done.

Operating hours for now are Tuesday through Friday 8am to 3pm, and we are also working on launching extended hours (including weekends) once we announce our grand opening (brunch menu coming as well). 

For quick ordering, or to get to know our menu, please visit the link below. To activate the Coffee Shop Menu, make sure to select a pickup time within the open hours. 

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